Each and every electronic device that we see use some form of processor to run its entire GUI and hardware. Just as any kind of physical process generates some kind of heat due to force, resistance, or friction, so do electronics and the processors. You can feel it whenever you turn on an electronic device and touch it after a while. This is where heatsink calculators come in. Every electronic device can be used within a certain level of heat which is called junction temperature. These are used in electronic devices such as laptops and other heavy equipment for calculating the maximum junction temperature.

How Heat sink calculators work

Every machine or equipment powered by electricity has a junction temperature in line with the machinery’s ambient temperature and the heat sink thermal resistance. Each electronic device has semiconductors built in which produce heat and can only operate within a certain temperature limit. This is called the junction temperature. heat sink calculator online let the users know whether the junction temperature for a given device can be exceeded for the provided power. The calculators also let users know whether the device can handle a certain level of power or not. This is done so that the machinery can work within a proper power limit. This can lead manufacturers to customize their products according to their requirements.

How to determine the use of a heat sink calculator

Just as there are many forms of simple calculators on the market, there are many places you can go online to determine what kind of thermal properties a power device will have on a heat sink. It’s a simple kind of form to fill in a heatsink calculator. All one has to do is to put in various values that in the form omitting the value which is required to calculate. For example, if you put in the junction temperature, ambient temperature, junction-case resistance, case-sink resistance, and sink ambient resistance, the calculator will provide you with the power value for the device in watts and vice versa.

Description of a Heat sink Calculator

These devices are usually made on the same principle in all the machines but are customizable according to requirements. A free heat sink calculator is made up of a power module at the base, topped with a base plate and the thermal compound. The base plate and the thermal compound provide the device with conduction cooling. On top of all this is the heat sink. This lets out the ambient air temperature through convection cooling and radiated cooling as well.