Puja is a worship in Hinduism, which is done by treating the Gods and Goddesses as house guests, pleasing them, thanking them, and praying them. The deities are offered water, fruit, milk, clothes, food, sweets, and more when they are worshiped by Indians. Puja is performed in house or at temples. The temple worship is a lot more formal and are generally performed by priests.


Bathing is an integral part of Hindus when they worship God. Indians make sure that they take bath before entering the temples. Holy dips in sacred rivers and ponds near the temples are considered to be a devotional aspect in India. Water is known to enhance the electro-magnetic activity. Washing hands and feet before entering temples is an act of cleanliness.


Sanskrit mantras are recited by the devotees. The repetitive sounds used in reciting mantras penetrate the subconscious mind and improve the well being of the person reciting it. People chant the mantras aloud to feel the vibrations in the surroundings. It has been scientifically proven that mantras are very powerful and improve life of a person in several ways.


Silk clothes

You would have seen Indian men and women wearing silk clothes during puja. Silk clothes attract electromagnetic energy and help the person concentrate on puja. Men and women wear colorful silk clothes to please the God. Indian silk clothes are preferred during Pujas, be it a Bengali lady in Durga Puja, or Maharashtran lady in Ganesh Puja.


Idols are an integral part of Hindu’s worship. People place statues of God made from brass, copper, silver, bronze, and other metals in their temples. Different forms of Gods are placed in the form of murti and it is believed to as having life. Even the stone idols are not considered to be lifeless. Devotees communicate with Gods and Goddesses in many different ways. Hindus believe that God is omni-present.

Indians believe that offering flowers, fruits, sweets, light (deepam), and sandalwood pleases the Gods and Goddess. They prepare puja thalis that is like a platter. The plate is decorated beautifully with flowers, kumkum, haldi, diya (lamp), and fruits. Puja bell has an important role in many sorts of puja. A person holds the bell and rings it during puja to attract the positive vibes. Different types of puja items are available online. If you want to  buy puja items online in USA, you can look for a reliable store.

hindu puja items

hindu puja items is a ceremony of love, devotion, and offering to God. By practicing it daily, one develops discipline, purity, and concentration. It is considered to be a sacred method to be near to God. People should indulge in good karma and pray regularly to achieve a happy life.

Indian puja involves dedication and devotion by the worshiper. People make use of different puja items to worship the deities. One can buy puja items online in USA and make the Gods and Goddesses feel special.

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