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In the heart of Glasgow’s west end is Bulk Candy Online Canada a stripy old fashioned sweetie boutique with a twist.  We do love candy so our little shop is stuffed full of all your favorite retro goodies and we search high and low to make sure we have as many different sweeties as we can cram in.  And since we’re Scottish, we try to source as much as possible locally, and we have a super selection of handmade vintage Scottish treats.

But cry no more those far and wide, we hired a new web company and we are now able to show you our wares on our lovely website and post them straight to your door!

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We think we have a pretty good selection of candy old and new, so hopefully we will have your favorites. We will be adding to the selection all the time as we trawl the shores for your requests.

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Light nights, flip flops, crossing your fingers it doesn’t rain for your garden party, fish and chips at the beach. British Summertime is here! To mark such an event, 2 exciting things are happening at I Love Candy.

Firstly, our take away ice cream parlor is reopening! Ice Cream Cones, Bubblegum tubs, Super Sundaes and Fantastic Wholesale Candy Canada are on the menu. Jazz up your ice cream with hundreds and thousands, 99 flakes, crushed honeycomb. Give your tongue a tingling with our popping candy topping or dare not to drip the raspberry sauce.

We’re all very excited at I Love Candy about Valentine’s Day – secret admirers leaving heaps of cards behind our door, love struck boys and girls shopping for sweetie ways of saying ‘Be my Valentine’, grown men getting positively engrossed in chocolate love hearts trying to say Love is in the air!

Gene Harper