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There are more than a hundred industrial steam cleaning equipment companies in the USA. Most of them have 50 or more washing systems in stock. They have the highest quality, industrial steam cleaning equipment brands, like Hotsy, Alkota, Aaladin, Wash Bot fleet wash systems, and Coulson Ice Blasting equipment. All are having industry-leading warranties. The staff are well train on the proper use and better practices.

Pressure Washer Parts and Service:

All the technicians are the most skilled pressure washer repair experts! They have more than 20 years of experience working on major brands, foreign and domestic. The repairing and maintenance are done at the customers’ location and in the Industrial units. The service trucks of all the companies are stocked with parts, and GPS is dispatched. Within a business day, the repair work is finished!

steam cleaner

Any customer can walk in and view the parts room and can tour the facility. The industrial units help the customers with immediate repairs, as their time is very valuable. If the unit is down with customers, then every minute it will cost them money. As well as surprising ways to use a steam cleaner in your kitchen.

All industrial pressure washers are repair.      

Power Washer Repair Estimates:

In-Shop, Cold Water Unit: $60.00 per machine

In-Shop, Hot Water Unit: $125.00 per machine

Antimicrobial steam cleaners:

  • These are high temperature and self-drying units
  • Quick treatment for large areas and penetrate easily porous surfaces.
  • Only water is used to sanitize and clean with high-temperature steam
  • The bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilms, and bedbugs are attacked and steam cleaned within seconds!
  • This equipment is used in hospitals, restaurants, gyms, rental cars, hotels, schools, food stores, residential areas, and warehouses.
  • It can be used on any surface. Detailed instructions are provided.
  • With the use of steam cleaners sanitizing is done without any chemicals. Infection is prevented with proper control and high-touch points.

The top five Commercial Steam Cleaners are given below:

  1. A Universal Solution, Fortador Pro Plus
  2. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner
  3. Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner
  4. Sargent High-Pressure Steam Cleaning System
  5. Vapamore MR-1000 Commercial Steam Cleaning System

A Universal Solution, Fortador Pro Plus

If you clean commercial buildings or are planning on doing heavy cleaning and sanitization, you need an industrial steam cleaner to match the job. Steam cleaners with higher-level capabilities will allow you to be prepare for any stain, soil, and surface in industrial settings.

heavy cleaning and sanitization

Commercial and industrial facilities include many categories such as office buildings, public areas, factories, shopping malls, commercial kitchens, medical facilities and much more.

Power Washing Parts and Repair:

  • All the units are licensed, with proper insurance, and with expert technicians.
  • All have fully stocked parts rooms and trucks to save valuable time.
  • All warranty claims are handled.
  • Customers are welcome for a steam cleaning unit to tour the facility.
  • The cost is economic and competitive.
  • The free on-site demo is always arranged.
  • The executives along with technicians visit the facilities and are always available on call!
  • The right model is suggested for all the customers’ steam cleaning needs.
  • The expert sales staffs are ready for a free consultation.
  • Any customer can call these units for setting up a free Demo.
  • All customers can ask for money-saving scheduled maintenance programs.
  • The staffs are very friendly and courteous!
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