A golf course shouldn’t be just an open space where golfers come to play matches and leave. Some amenities need to be put in place to make the game enjoyable and memorable for players.

These amenities often help to foster relationships and interactions among golfers. Whether you’re an expert golfer or a beginner, you need to consider West Chester PA golf courses with these amenities.


There are several reasons golfers need to choose a West Chester golf course with a clubhouse. A clubhouse is the first place golfers head to when they visit a golf course. It contains a meeting place, a bar, and a pro shop where golfers check-in and buy food drinks. Some clubhouses also have fitness centers.


Restrooms should be an essential part of every golf course. Both golfers and workers need restrooms for relief—without this, a golf course isn’t appealing to anyone. However, it doesn’t stop at having a restroom; these restrooms have to be tidy at all times.

Clean Water

All West Chester PA golf courses need to have a steady supply of neat water. When golfers become dehydrated or sweaty, they need clean water to keep playing. Apart from the golfers, workers at golf courses irrigate the fields to conserve turf for a fantastic golfing experience. They also need neat water to keep the golf course tidy at all times.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is one of the amenities that wouldn’t go unnoticed as it would help golfers rest and have fun after a tiring game. Besides, most golfers visit golf courses to hang out with their friends—a swimming pool provides just the right ambiance they need.

Changing Room

Golfers would need to change their outfits before and after their games. A West Chester golf course with a changing room enables golfers to have a safe space to keep their stuff and change their outfits.

Practice Facilities

Although not all golfers love practicing, a golf course with equipped practice facilities is essential. Sometimes, practice spaces may have tutors who organize golf lessons for interested golfers. A golf course with practice facilities helps golfers meet up, learn from each other, and improve their skills.

Driving Range

Every West Chester golf course should have a driving range as this is essential for golfers. Both amateur and expert golfers can perfect their golf swings at driving ranges. Not only that, golfers who couldn’t get enough of the game can also visit driving ranges.

Flexible Membership Packages

Golfers having tight schedules all day need membership packages that wouldn’t interfere with their lives. Hence, they prefer golf courses where they can choose from a variety of membership packages. Every West Chester golf course with flexible membership packages would attract lots of golfers.

Some additional amenities golf courses can consider are tennis courts, a children’s play area, banquet halls, and beautiful surroundings. It would help if you carried out thorough research while choosing a suitable West Chester PA golf course.

Gene Harper