Legal translation is a very sophisticated field of work. In an area such as Dubai, which harbors a sea of professionals enabling people to find legal translation Dubai near me, catching the best fish which specialize in their translation services and promise all the care and attention the job demands can be a tricky thing. Just like any other serious field of work, legal translation has its own risks and mistakes made in this task can have some serious consequences.

Incase if a law firm is looking to hire a legal translation service, they should be well aware of all the consequences they might have to face at the risk of hiring an unprofessional legal translation service. Ranging from a minor fine to jail time, the consequences can vary and be lethal. To avoid such unfortunate events, it is better to opt for a legal translation service that has proven its expertise in the market and has custody of all the tools and systems needed to provide accurate legal translation facilities to its customers.

For this purpose, we have gathered a list of things one must consider before hiring a legal translation Dubai near me

Quality of translated script 

Quality of the translation is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before hiring legal translation services. Judging the quality can’t simply be done by looking at the previous translation samples as that won’t be sufficient.

It is important to learn about the hiring criteria of the company for its legal translators, the work processes, how much does the company stress on quality control, team working on post-translation example proofreading and editing. You can learn about all these things by conducting detailed background research and getting in touch with their previous customers.

Expertise in Legal Translation

Many translation companies claim that they can do legal translation along with the translation in other domains such as medical translation, but you should look for the company that claims to only work on legal translation.  This is because such companies will have the best experts in the form of legal translators if that’s the only domain they work in.

Such translators, who are experts in legal knowledge and linguistics and have sufficient experience with discovery work and litigation, will, along with legal paperwork and document translation, also provide you with legal support services. Such experts are also well familiar with legal terminologies; legislature and have acquired further training on this domain, so surely they will not make many mistakes and provide you with the best legal translation facilities the Dubai market has to offer. 

Reputable standing of the company

The reputation of the company is a telltale of whether they are worthy of hiring or not. For the best experience, you need to hire a legal translation company that has years of experience behind it and naturally has many previous clients before you. For your own benefit, you should ask around from all the clients and even check for online references.

Enquire about how satisfied their previous clients are with their services by getting in touch with them to learn about their customer support, their experience with a foreign culture and also get tips for your own business ventures.

A well-reputed legal translation company will also be cautious of its own reputation and so will not bother you with their unprofessionalism. This means getting the translated content on time, accurate translation, proper formatting, and has the same meaning as your original document. 

Time management

It is very important that the legal translation service you plan to hire is responsive. As sometimes, legal documents are needed on an urgent basis, so to cater to those emergencies, the time management of the company is vital.

Your queries and demands should be met as soon as possible, and the company should keep your work as the first priority. Although normally the waiting time for legal translation companies is within hours, good and well-reputed companies will respond within minutes. 

Of course, sometimes, on special occasions, there is a delay because of some type of existing protocol but always look out for unprofessional translation companies that cause an unnecessary delay due to a lack of legal translators, tools, and systems needed to perform the task. 

Company Size

One of the mentalities clients easily get trapped by is judging a company’s worth by its size. Not all good legal translation tecom companies come in big sizes and fancy offices. Rather it can even be the other way around; if the company you have opted for is too big, then you might need to talk to a lot of people before coming down to business hence wasting time unnecessarily. It is better to look for other things in a company such as its reputation, staff, reviews, and customer support, etcetera.  

Mistakes to avoid while hiring a legal translation Dubai near me

Be sure of what you need

This is very important as it allows you to communicate properly and let your translation agency know what you expect from them. It also fully eliminates the risk of miscommunication and the possibility of them providing you with unrequired services that you do not need.

Clearly, let your translation agency know about how many languages you expect them to translate, how quickly you want their services, the type of legal documents you want to translate, etcetera. 

Do your research

The last thing you want is to hire an unprofessional legal translation company. The outcome will be tedious and long term. So before hiring, it is best to conduct proper research on the company you are planning to hire you can ask around about it, check their website and read reviews, inquire about the authority of the company and see if they are certified, request test translations, etcetera.  

Ask for references 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all companies dealing with legal translation Dubai near me provide the same facilities. If you want the best results, you need to know which legal translation agency specializes in the translation of the specific legal documents you need to translate. Don’t be generic; ask around and take references before investing.

Summarizing the whole guide

In conclusion, there are many things you need to look out for before hiring a legal translation company in Dubai, but they differ for different people. What is important is that you need to have a clear mind about the services you need and make sure the company you hire is well-reputed. 

Gene Harper