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We are a qualified team of specialists who are completely committed to assisting you with all of your communication requirements. We provide a full range of language services, from professional translation to event interpretation, editing, to typing. Moreover, we deliver our services both locally (Translation Services in UAE) and to an ever-growing international market from our Dubai headquarters.

We are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice to provide certified translation services in English to Arabic, and we also have the resources to provide certified translations in several languages through our team of sworn translators.

Legal translation services

Legal translation is one of the most important types of translations you will ever need, and the quality of it cannot be compromised. Moreover, you do not have to compromise on any form of translation requirements when you work with us; we are one of the finest legal translation companies in Dubai. However, our legal translators are certified to provide the highest quality translations on the market as well.  

The UAE Ministry of Justice has licensed it to provide legal translation services for all sorts of contracts, agreements, and memorandums of understanding, certifications, powers of attorney, and other legal documents. Therefore, the government can only approve translations from authorized translators (legal translators). 

This translation is frequently cited in the rules. So, a single line in an agreement or record can be insufficiently translated if a case is lost. So, everything is done thanks to our long-term experienced translation and interpretation expertise efficiently.

According to the country’s orientation, the experts should carefully read the record and remember some crucial elements. Furthermore, the legal language of the country should be used to understand objective content. This is why it is regarded as the most stringent method of managing legal document translations

According to the legal authorities’ guidelines, when utilizing phoneme formatting, caution should be exercised. Therefore, the most crucial factor is to keep the target and source content’s languages consistent. Moreover, our specialists provide superior administrations to accurately and under expert guidance translate your report.

Technical knowledge 

Without any doubt, we have the technological capabilities to perform any type of legal translation. Moreover, for bespoke legal translation services, this is critical. We’ve raised the standard for the industry by mandating that every legal translator be an expert in the field. We also make certain that they are both lawyers and court interpreters. 

Our translators deal with a variety of issues, including the source and archive structure, as well as communicating in legal terminology for a targeted introduction.

Legal translation Services in UAE 

  • Online driving license translation UAE of your home driving license in accordance with the laws of the UAE traffic and licensing department. 
  • The general directorate of residency and foreign affairs, as well as embassies inside the United Arab Emirates, demand legal translations for birth certificates.
  • The general directorate of foreign affairs and residency, as well as embassies inside the United Arab Emirates, demand legal translations for marriage certificates.
  • Legal translations of degree certificates requested by the ministry of labor or other government agencies.
  • Legal translation of memorandums and articles of organization is required to form a corporation in the United Arab Emirates. So, to comply with the UAE new commercial companies’ law of 2015, existing companies must change their memorandum and articles of association.
  • To establish a sole proprietorship (owned by a foreign investor) in the UAE, legal translation of local service agency agreements is required.
  • Powers of attorney must be legally translated before being notarized before a Notary Public.
  • The ministry of labor, the traffic department, or any other company or body in the UAE do not require objection letters.
  • Contracts and pacts.
  • Accounts payable statements
  • Bills of sale.
  • Delivery instructions.
  • Purchase orders from the local area.
  • Quotations are a great way to start a conversation.
  • There are checks.
  • Meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Decisions of the courts and much more…

Requirement of Arabic language in legal translation  

If you are new to the UAE, you should be aware that Arabic is the official language of the country and that any certificate or document you submit to any government department must be written in Arabic. Meanwhile, the legal translation should be done by a licensed translator who has the necessary knowledge and experience to manage this type of work. 

We can help you translate all of your official documents because our translations are accepted by all UAE authorities. We also give certified Arabic to English translations, which are accepted by all embassies in the United Arab Emirates. So, you can hire our legal translation services to submit any certificate of statement to any embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

Assessment of legal documents 

They are well aware that the legal documents will be examined or reviewed by someone who is familiar with various legal frameworks

Accession articles, case reports, accuracy endorsements, testimonials, witness explanations, wills, ownership/exposure marks, movement archives, and other legal papers are all taken into consideration.

While decoding content, various sorts of audio hypotheses can be used. So, in any event, considerable information on permitted formulations is essential in legal reform. Moreover, our in-house legal translators are well-versed in the pertinent facts and standard terminology which is required to accurately decode your record. 

Our company has been providing interpretation services for over several years and caters to both local and international clientele. Therefore, we are UAE’s most well-known translation and interpreting service providers. We also have the necessary experience and expertise to do the assignment properly and efficiently.


We cultivate long-term client connections. The majority of our clients return to use our legal translation near me services on a regular basis. It’s critical that we keep their trust by being UAE’s most dependable legal translation SEO firm.


We keep your information safe and ensure that it is delivered on time and without error.

For the best legal translation services in UAE, contact us. We have the finest pricing, and we understand the necessity of these translations, so you can rely on us for top-notch service whenever you need it!

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